The Ten Servants

Study Guide

As followers and servants of Christ, we are to take the life he has given us and multiply it—to help others experience the life and freedom we have in him. Living with this purpose is what should direct our every move, daily breaking the barriers of our own fear and control as we surrender to him.
  1. In what area of your life are you still living like a rebel—like Jesus is not your king—convinced you are qualified to run your own life? What do you need to surrender?

  2. Like the wicked servant, how is fear paralyzing you from acting on what God is asking you to do? Of the fears listed below, which do you struggle with the most, and in what real way does the gospel free you from it?

    1. Fear of discomfort
    2. Fear of losing approval
    3. Fear of failure
  3. We evangelize around the things that we care about. If we aren’t talking about Jesus, it is a value problem in our own heart. What do you talk about or get excited about the most? If it’s not Jesus, what does that reveal about what you value above all?

  4. There are many people who need Jesus and discipleship—starting with those in front of you whom you may be overlooking. Who has God put right in front of you as your responsibility? Who might you be overlooking because you are overly concerned for people you are not responsible for?

Key Points
  • We are not qualified to run our lives better than our own Creator.

  • How we move towards fear is what deepens our faith. As we move and obey, even as it creates tension, every step we take is an opportunity to find more life.

  • It is in the face of fear that we discover Jesus is actually enough for us.

  • We evangelize around the things that we care about.

  • Dealing with their fear, the faithful servant orients and structures their life around helping others trust and obey Jesus.

  • If your life is in Christ and you are hidden in him, because of his death there is nothing left for you to fear. Even death itself gives us more life in Jesus.

  • Don’t overlook the people right in front of you for the people you are not actually responsible for.

Scripture: Luke 19:11-27, Luke 9:23

Topics: Approval, Comfort, Faithful, Fear, Kingdom Of Heaven, Kingship, Mirror, Obedience, Trust, Window