The Vineyard Workers

Study Guide

The Kingdom of God operates with a different standard of evaluation than what we do on earth. While our world looks to performance to measure value, God’s Kingdom is based on his grace—grace that exposes, comforts, reveals, and saves.
  1. When circumstances don’t go the way you think they should, how do you engage with God? What is your first response, and how have you moved forward in the past?

  2. In God’s Kingdom, the way to life is death, the way to glory is humility, and the way to reward is dependence. Where do you need to change perspective in your own life about what actually matters (eternal perspective)? What would death to self, humility, and dependence look like in your current circumstances?

  3. True grace does not take our performance into account. How might you believe your performance is earning you favor with God? In what area of your life are you believing that your confidence and hope comes from what you do?

  4. If we are living with ourselves at the center, we will grumble, be envious/jealous, discouraged, and discontent; if we are living with Christ at the center, mission, dependence, obedience, and worship will flow out of our lives. Which of these attributes is most characteristic of you? Which of them do you not see very often in your life? Why?

  5. What parts of your life are you constantly complaining about? What does this say about what you believe about God? What will it look like for you to repent?

Key Points
  • God's Kingdom is founded on the basis of God's grace, and God's grace confronts and exposes our self-centeredness, self-righteousness, and pride.

  • We are in need of and dependent on God for everything since we are powerless to do anything about the measure of evaluation in God’s Kingdom.

  • Envy, jealousy, and comparison make us so fixed on ourselves that we miss what God is doing in others’ lives.

  • Self has no place in God’s Kingdom.

  • In God’s Kingdom, the way to life is death, the way to glory is humility, and the way to reward is dependence.

  • God’s grace does not discriminate on the basis of our performance.

  • We say we believe Christ died on the cross for our sins but often we act like he died on the cross to make us happy.

  • The gospel is the great equalizer. True grace that leads to salvation does not take our performance into account.

Scripture References

Scripture: Matthew 20:1-16

Topics: Comfort, Complaining, Envy, Grace, Jealousy, Kindness, Kingdom Of Heaven, Pride, Selfishness